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Travel Photography by David Gaynor

A How-To of Photography Basics
To Improve Your Vacation Photography


Photography by David Gaynor
Photography by David Gaynor
Photography by David Gaynor
Photography by David Gaynor
Photography by David Gaynor

Photography by David Gaynor


Got some fun travel planned for the year? We’ve put together a fun seminar to help improve your vacation and travel photography. Whether you’re shooting with a iPhone, a “digital point and shoot” camera or a DSLR, this seminar is for you. This will be a multi-part seminar. We’ll start with discussing camera basics, where we’ll explain the different settings on your camera and show you what to use, when and how. We’ll share numerous tips and tricks that will make your travel photos more exciting. We’ll discuss image composition, lighting, photographing people and creating interesting landscapes. Finally, we will discuss traveling with your camera, keeping your equipment safe, taking photos under extreme weather conditions, and concluding with a discussion about international travel especially through Europe.

This is not a "camera workshop" - where we show off fancy equipment and gadgets you need to purchase. The only equipment you will need is a good "point and shoot" or DSLR camera.  the only accessories we'll talk about will be using and traveling withtripods, monopods and a few filters.


• An overview of your camera and its settings.

• Selecting the best settings for travel photography; ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, white balance, camera modes.

• Traveling with your digital Camera - batteries, memory cards, accessories.

• What makes a great travel photograph.

• Shooting the “Golden Hour”

• Taking photos and protecting you equipment in the rain, snow, and fog.

• A few accessories that make your photos better.

• Concerning safety and security when taking travel photos.

• Traveling in Europe and the US with a camera.

• This photography workshop is designed for both basic and advanced photography enthusiasts usin digital "Point and Shoot" and DSLR cameras.


WHEN: Saturday, May 30th, 2015 9:30PM-1:00  We'll have snacks and a variety of drinks available during the seminar.

Paint St Louis Studios
1926 Allen Avenue
St Louis, MO 63104

COSTS: $30- Bring your Camera and Camera instruction book. Don't forget the memory card and a charged battery.



You can pay online with PayPal or use your Credit Card. Please include your Phone number and email address.  If you prefer to register by mail and pay by check CLICK HERE to download a registration form.



Questions?  Contact:

Garry McMichael at 314 773-4112